Fall 2017


  • October 5: Project 3 posted! Could be found under Thursday the 5th of the course calendar. Hidden Semantic tests and Codegen tests will be added tonight after midnight.

  • September 20: Project 2 posted! Could be found under Friday the 22nd of the course calendar and Semantic tests have been added to the tests repo.

  • September 18: Please fill out this form so that I could start making teams!

  • September 8: Project 1 posted! If you haven't been invited to the github organization yet, click on the form below!

  • September 6: Please fill out this form so that we could start adding github usernames to the course repository and gauge interest in relectures.

  • September 6: First Day of Class! You could find most syllabus related information in the General Administrivia page. Note that the Projects Overview is available on the calendar for today, to help you get a sense of deadlines and a high level understanding of the project. Also note that there are more handouts posted on the calendar for next Monday, but you don't need to worry about it until later this week.

  • September 3: Welcome to 6.035! Lectures are in 3-370 from 11 am to 12 pm MWF,and 4-149 from 11 am to 12 pm TR. Note that there are no lectures on some days, please check the schedule.

Questions or comments regarding 6.035? Send e-mail to the TAs at 6.035-staff@mit.edu.

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