Spring 2016


  • April 30: We extended the checkpoint deadline to Wednesday (May 4th).

  • April 27: Quiz 3 date changed to Friday, May 6.

  • April 22: Public tests released for projects 4 and 5.

  • April 15: Quiz 2 graded on Stellar.

  • April 1: Project graded on Stellar.

  • March 28: Hidden tests released for project 3.

  • March 26: We are going to lecture every day next week.

  • March 16: We extended the due date by a week (next Friday, March 25). Please still do your projects early. We are unlikely to respond to project-related questions after next Wednesday.

  • March 9: We finished grading Quiz 1. Please find your scores on Stellar.

  • March 7: We released the hidden tests for project 2 and the public tests for project 3.

  • February 22: There is a lecture today!

  • February 20: The semantic rules handout is updated! The step int interal in the for loop has to be positive! (page 4 rule 22)

  • February 17: Please sign up your team here.

  • February 16: We released hidden tests and all students' repositories.

  • February 16: You may now submit your project 1 with CyberPortal 1.1 on the left. Project 1 is not graded.

  • February 15: If you still need relectures for L5-L7 (last Tue-Thu), which is likely since tomorrow is a virtual Monday, send us an email to schedule them. We are not holding relectures tomorrow.

  • February 12: New classroom 3-270 for today only.

  • February 9: We updated page 6 of the Decaf specification regarding to the evaluation order of ternary operators.

  • February 9: We posted a tentative schedule for regular relectures.

  • February 8: We created the personal repositories on github 6035. You can now upload your repository as on page 4 of the latest handout.

  • February 8: Room changed to 4-270 MWF and 4-237 TR.

  • February 5: We are holding relectures for Feb 3-5 tomorrow (Sat, Feb 6) during 2-5 pm in 32-G725.

  • February 5: Please get in touch with the course staff if you have not received an email with the following clarifications.

      The Scanner-Parser project that Martin talked about is right here.
      To pull from the tests repository, you need to fill in the Github form and accept the invitation for joining the 6035 team.
      The "public date" (Feb 16) is when your code becomes visible to all students.
      We are setting up the submission process, including the personal repositories, and will send you instructions when ready.
  • February 5: We are arranging first-week relectures over the weekend. If you need relectures, please schedule with the course staff by this afternoon.

  • February 4: Please get in touch with the course staff if you have not received an email with the following contents.

      Please use the latest handouts and skeleton code available at this course website.
      Please fill out the Github form here.
      Before having access to your personal repository on Github 6035, you can start locally.
      Make sure your code is private.
      There ARE classes on Fridays. The latest schedule on this course website is now mostly accurate for Feb and Mar.
  • February 3: Please fill out the Github form here.

  • February 3: We are collecting requests from students who need routine relectures. Please send an email to the course staff with your time conflicts.

  • February 2: We've started! Lectures are in 4-149 from 11 am to 12 pm.

Questions or comments regarding 6.035? Send e-mail to the TAs at 6.035-staff@mit.edu.

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